We have a variety of baked goods, breads, deli sandwiches, and soups made fresh daily at each of our locations.

Each season brings different ingredients to showcase in our sweet and savoury fare.

Seasonal specials for the autumn include:

  • pumpkin roulade
  • spicy squash soup
  • hearty minestrone soup
  • sliced roast turkey, cranberry and brie pannini
This cafe is an experience not to miss. Sipping coffee, eating a great cinnamon bun while enjoying the sound of waves on the beach and an incredible view of Rattlesnake Island. A view of Heaven.
Helen T.

Coffee, tea, and other bevvies

Bliss Bakery is proud to serve only organic, fair-trade coffee locally roasted by Cherry Hill Coffee. Our coffees are roasted specifically for Bliss in small batches to ensure that our beans offer the highest quality and fullest flavoured cup of coffee. Always rich and never bitter, we take great pride in our commitment to providing you with a high quality drink. We serve Espressos, Lattes, specialty hot drinks, and of course filter coffee.
You’ll find blended cold drinks too – try a mocha chiller or a coconut chocolate coffee over ice.


Sandwiches, soups and other savoury goodies

Our gourmet sandwiches are no casual affair. While Bliss bakers are busy moulding and baking the breads for our sandwiches, we are busy roasting our beef and pork meats with garlic infusion or rosemary garlic herbed rubs, along with our chicken and turkey breasts.

We slice all our own cheeses, vegetables and even wash the lettuce fresh daily, no prewashed, prepared vegetables coated in preservatives at Bliss! There simply is nothing we bring in already made or chopped, how could we insult our bread that way? We can tell you everything on or about the sandwich because we made every bit of it.


The bakers at Bliss Bakery spend their nights doing what so many people can no longer find time for – baking beautiful products with no mixes or shortcuts using only the highest quality ingredients. Our pastries are one of our ever expanding areas, fueled by the passion and creativity that comes from people who love what they do.

Whether you are seeking a delicious chocolate chunk cookie or something more unusual such as our highly addictive Tree Huggers, Bliss excels at satisfying cravings.

At Bliss you will find simple and flavourful baked goods such as cookies and muffins to far more complex creations such as our Heavenly Tiramisu, decadent cheesecakes or Brilliant Bread Pudding. No matter your selection you can be assured that you’ll receive nothing but pure, delicious goodness.


We have a full and diverse selection of breads that our bakers delight in creating. We approach bread making with passion and panache, looking for unique flavour combinations while providing traditional favourites. All breads are made using only the finest ingredients and are produced completely from scratch – no mixes here! Loaves are formed by hand and allowed to rise naturally to fully develop the unique and complex flavours of good bread.

You may find over 30 varieties of bread at Bliss Bakery, although only a selection of this wide variety are baked each day. Feel free to call ahead to see when your favourite will be baked. Our bakers are happy to bake any variety of bread to fulfill your desires when orders for 2 loaves or more are placed. Please provide 48 hours advance notice.

Seasonal Goodies

Special times of year mean special foods and baking.

For Easter watch for our turnip free Hot Cross buns – we use only real candied fruit. Not the sugar soaked rutabaga that has been dyed bright colours that so many places use to cut corners. Did you ever wonder what those green chunks in your hot cross bun were!

We offer a wide assortment of breads, perfect for your Easter dinner. Please order ahead to avoid disappointment, especially on holiday favourites such as stuffing bread, Okanagan cranberry sourdough and our very popular cheddar ale potato bread.

We will have an abundance of sweet treats to tempt you including our intensely delicious Pumpkin Spice Roulade, cheesecakes and new this year our fun little Bunny Butts.



We also do catering – bring Bliss to you!

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