Cafe Offerings

Our baking team starts at 7pm to create our vast array of tempting artisan baked goodies and breads. They are joined at 3am by our bistro team who craft our gourmet sandwiches, salads, wraps and traditionally made soup. They work these crazy hours so that you can enjoy the freshest products possible. Yes, we are a little crazy but we make really good food.

soups and other savoury goodies

Our gourmet sandwiches are no casual affair. While Bliss bakers are busy moulding and baking the breads for our sandwiches, we are busy roasting our beef and pork meats with garlic infusion or rosemary garlic herbed rubs, along with our chicken and turkey breasts. All of these carefully prepared ingredients are what make our sandwiches and wraps so stellar.

Soup is something that we take very seriously. It all starts with our own carefully crafted stock, either chicken or vegetarian depending upon the soup. From there we add fresh produce and high quality ingredients to create a soup full of flavour and delicious goodness.

We slice all our own cheeses, vegetables and even wash the lettuce fresh daily, no prewashed, prepared vegetables coated in preservatives at Bliss! There simply is nothing we bring in already made or chopped, how could we insult our bread that way? We can tell you everything on or about the sandwich because we made every bit of it.


We have a full and diverse selection of breads that our bakers delight in creating. We approach bread making with passion and panache, looking for unique flavour combinations while providing traditional favourites. All breads are made using only the finest ingredients and are produced completely from scratch – no mixes here! Loaves are formed by hand and allowed to rise naturally to fully develop the unique and complex flavours of good bread.

You may find over 30 varieties of bread at Bliss Bakery, although only a selection of this wide variety is baked each day. Feel free to call ahead to order your favourite in advance. Our bakers are happy to bake any variety of bread to fulfill your desires when orders for 2 loaves or more are placed. And don’t forget our seasonal favourite stuffing bread!

Due to the slow, craft nature of preparing great bread, 48 hours advance notice is required for all orders.

Pastries, Sweets and Temptations

Known throughout the valley for our tempting array of decadent pastries we have something for every sweet tooth. We firmly believe that quality ingredients such as Callebaut chocolate, real vanilla and lots of butter create flavours which should never be simulated. Everything we make is from scratch right down to all our fillings, toffees and lemon curd.

We offer the simplest of treats such as our Callebaut Chocolate Chunk Cookies to more elaborate creations such as our Raspberry Razzmataz Roulade or decadent Chocolate Toffee Nut Bars. When you have a craving, we can satisfy it. If you need desserts for a party, we’ve got you covered. When you really need something to get you past 3pm, we can hook you up with the good stuff.


tea, and other bevvies

We take your coffee seriously.

Certified organic, sourced responsibly and roasted locally. This is just the first step of your great cup of coffee. Whether you are an Americano, Caramel Macchiato or straight up brewed coffee kinda person we bring our passion for quality to you.

We highly recommend our house specialty the Mayan Mocha. We craft this special syrup ourselves using Habanero peppers that we grow in our garden. Combined with cinnamon and dark chocolate our spicy Mayan Mocha offers a flavour combination you won’t soon forget.

You’ll find
blended cold drinks too

We are so excited to offer locally brewed Nitro Cold Brew and locally brewed Kombucha. Our Peachland and Kelowna stores offer both on tap for the freshest experience possible.

Never tried Nitro Cold Brew? You’ll love it. Silky smooth as a result of the low acids from the cold brewing process and the infusion of nitrogen.

Kombucha offers a delicious cold drink with tremendous health benefits. This fermented tea is available in a variety of delicious flavours which are offered on a rotating basis. Try Kombucha Tea with ice cubes to beat the heat of our summer season or drink this healthy tea to quench your thirst any time of the year. Come see what we have on tap today!

Bliss offers many other drink options. Beautiful blended concoctions such as our Peachland Punch or Very Berry smoothie, iced coffees, house brewed ice tea and decadent indulgences like our Frozen Hedgehog.