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Bistro Platter


Comes masterfully plattered, no substitutions! 24 hour notice required.

One order of 10 sandwiches features the following assortment:

  • New York Special: Thinly shaved pastrami piled high on our espresso rye bread, creamy Havarti cheese, thinly sliced red onions, tomatoes & lettuce with honey Dijon and aioli
  • Pesto Poultry: Roasted chicken breast on our crusty traditional baguette, creamy Havarti cheese, lettuce & tomato with our house pesto aioli
  • Mediterranean Chicken: Roasted chicken breast on our rosemary garlic ciabatta, provolone cheese, roasted weet peppers & lettuce with our house olive mayo
  • Roasted Roma: (vegetarian) Roasted roma tomatoes on our bliss braid bread with creamy brie cheese and basil and house basil aioli

Add Ons
Single use plates, napkins, cutlery for 10 people
Add New York Special
Add Pesto Poultry
Add Mediterranean Chicken
Add Roasted Roma
Add paper goods per person
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