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Welcome to Bliss Bakery – Come feel like part of the family!

Purity and passion are the foundational principles that we opened Bliss Bakery with. As we have grown this focus has not changed. Our products are made with natural, pure ingredients, we use no added chemicals or preservatives and our food has been hydrogenated oil free long before it became trendy.

Many people are unaware that so many bakeries today do not make their own products; rather they bring in mixes or sometimes even fully baked items and present it as their own – have you ever wondered why those Nanaimo Bars look so similar at all the different bakeries you go to?

In the quest for greater product yields, lower labour costs and ultimately bigger profits the science of baking has been overtaking the art.

Thankfully the art of Artisan baking is being resurrected by our bakers with a passion for tradition and an increased awareness of the risks that artificial food brings with it. Artisan baking takes more time and more effort but we believe the results are worth it.

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