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Something different to everyone

To some, we're part of their morning coffee & treat routine. 

Whether it's daily, or maybe only on Sundays. 

To others, the go-to place for a box of treats for the big business meeting. 

Or maybe the ‘going to be home late and just want something easy and delicious’ source for heat and eat meals. 

All of these are the moments we are passionate about.

Find your Bliss


Share your Moments of Bliss

We love hearing our customer’s stories and we love to be apart of them.

Share your favourite moments that have involved Bliss Bakery for a chance to win! Each month we will draw one lucky winner to receive $50 GC to Bliss Bakery! 

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Caroline's Moment of Bliss

"Bliss Bakery in Peachland has become our cherished summer family tradition! During our visits, my kids and I eagerly dash in for treats whenever possible. Each child has their favorite, and personally, I can't resist the allure of the Lemon Poppyseed muffin or the Tree Hugger. Because nothing truly compares to these, I make it a ritual to buy them out on the day we depart, ensuring a taste of summer even when we're back home! The beachy atmosphere adds to the charm, as my kids excitedly join the queue, their faces pressed against the glass to make their treat selections. Meanwhile, I'm fueled for the day ahead with a perfectly blended vanilla latte. Bliss Bakery truly is part of the essence of Peachland summers for us!"

— Caroline W.

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Denise's Moment of Bliss

"Date day at Bliss Bakery on Ellis Street on a beautiful sunny Okanagan day! Started off on the patio, indulging in a gigantic peanut butter, chocolate chip cookie for two and then took our caramel macchiatos along with us for a walk on the waterfront. Perfect date day! Thank you Bliss Bakery for never disappointing!!

My office is right near there and I eat there regularly so I had to withhold from buying my usual cranberry turkey sandwich….lol😊"

— Denise P.

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